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Chapter Number Chapter Title Chapter Synopsis
  Diagrams Diagrams
  Tables Tables
1 Prolegomenon I Prolegomenon I
2 Prolegomenon II Prolegomenon II
3 Introduction Introduction
4 That biologists and ecologists misunderstand basic scientific concepts Ignorance of basic science
5 Proof by experiment The Brassica rapa experiment
6 The importance of defining terms The etymological fallacy
7 Biologists and ecologists misuse some very basic terms Misuse of basic scientific terms
8 Biology and ecology lack core variables Biology lacks core variable
9 Argument by analogy Biology and meteorology
10 The planimeter: the instrument that measures natural selection and Darwinian evolution The Planimeter
11 How biologists and ecologists first started to lose the plot How biologists lost the plot
12 Amnesia amongst biologists: forgetting the origins of energy Energy: its forgotten biological origin
13 A deep structure for biology Deep structure for biology & ecology
14 Biology, ecology, molecules, and a volume of ignorance Volume of ignorance in biology & ecology
15 “A brilliant result”: the prelude to natural selection Prelude to natural selection, Maxwell
16 Darwin's statement of the problem-the attacks upon his answer Darwin proposes ... & others oppose
17 Let natural selection be augmented Augmenting natural selection
18 The boundary for natural selection Boundary for natural selection
19 A better way to the answer Better way to the answer
20 On laws, maxims and constraints Laws, maxims and constraints
21 The first maxim of ecology: the maxim of dissipation Dissipation: first maxim of ecology
22 The second maxim of ecology: the maxim of number Number: second maxim of ecology
23 Darwin and Aristotle Darwin and Aristotle
24 The origins for species Origins for species
25 The three constraints upon biological populations Three constraints: constant propagation, constant size, constant equivalence
26 How biologists and ecologists completely lost the plot How biologists completely lost the plot
27 Discovering the energy of natural selection Energy of natural selection
28 Discovering the forces behind natural selection The force of natural selection
29 A molecular basis for natural selection Molecular basis of natural selection
30 Natural selection is a vector and a force of nature Natural selection: a vector force of nature
31 The range of natural selection Range of natural selection
32 The four laws of biology The four laws of biology
33 The inertia of biologists Inertia of biologists
34 Natural selection and evolution: a mass misconception Mass misconceptions
35 Natural selection is put on the line Line integral and natural selection
36 The function for natural selection and evolution Function for natural selection and evolution
37 Darwinian evolution as biological induction Biological induction
38 The third maxim of ecology: the maxim of succession Succession: third maxim of ecology
39 The fourth maxim of ecology: the maxim of apportionment Apportionment: fourth maxim of ecology
40 Natural selection: a power measured in watts Natural selection is measured in watts
41 An Euler equation for natural selection Euler equation for natural selection
42 A Gibbs-Duhem equation for natural selection Gibbs-Duhem for natural selection
43 The natural selection of Brassica rapa Brassica rapa and natural selection
44 A time scale for natural selection Time for natural selection
45 Step one in defining a species: measuring slight variations: Defining a species ... 1
46 Steps two and three in defining a species: the field of natural selection Defining a species ... 2 & 3
47 Finding the way to test the validity of natural selection Testing validity of natural selection
48 The definition of a species Defining a species
49 “A fine hypothesis” That intelligent design is impossible
50 The demonstration The proof and the demonstration of natural selection
51 Conclusion: A general theory of biology Conclusion: Special & general relativity create general theory of biology
52 Epilogue Closing words
  Acknowledgements Acknowledgements
  Citations Citations